What should be paid attention to when using the laser chuck

What should be paid attention to when using laser chuck


  1. After turning on the machine tool first, all axes should be operated to return to the origin


  1. Before the second loading, operate the laser chuck back to the center to ensure that the loading direction is the same as the processing drawing, so as to prevent the cutting head from being damaged due to the difference between the pipe cutting position and the processing drawing.


  1. The third is to adjust the air pressure of the laser chuck according to the weight and thickness of the pipe. The air pressure value is between 0.3-0.8Mpa and cannot exceed the maximum load of the laser chuck to avoid damage to the pneumatic chuck.


  1. The fourth largest hollow chuck uses a check valve inside to keep the pressure, and the pressure can last up to 12 hours. If the chuck jaws open during cutting and rotation, the rotating chuck needs to be stopped immediately for inspection.


  1. The structure of the fifth laser pneumatic chuck cannot be disassembled or modified arbitrarily during use to avoid making the laser chuck unusable. If the chuck needs to be customized or has other needs, please communicate with our company


  1. Sixth, before closing the safety door, do not start the cutting easily, so as to avoid the pipe fittings flying out or causing personal injury during the cutting process.


  1. The seventh pneumatic chuck is regularly lubricated to avoid abnormalities or damage to the inside of the bearing and gear transmission caused by lack of lubricating oil.


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