DRK-160 Professional Laser Rotary Pneumatic Chuck

DRK-160 Laser Rotary Pneumatic Chuck


DRK-160 Laser Rotary Pneumatic Chuck is a versatile and efficient solution designed specifically for small pipe processing applications. With its compact size and advanced features, it offers a wide range of benefits to enhance cutting operations.


One of the key advantages of the DRK-160 Laser Rotary Pneumatic Chuck is its fast cutting speed, allowing for efficient processing of small pipe. Whether it’s square pipe, round pipe, I-beams, or special-shaped pipe, this chuck can handle various metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, seamless pipe, galvanized pipe and more.


With its high centering accuracy and machining precision, the DRK-160 Laser Rotary Pneumatic Chuck ensures precise and clean cuts, resulting in excellent cutting quality. This is crucial for industries that require high precision and reliability in their tube processing operations.


Furthermore, the chuck features excellent dustproof capabilities, preventing dust and debris from entering the chuck mechanism and ensuring uninterrupted operation. This not only improves the longevity of the chuck but also contributes to a cleaner working environment.


Another advantage of the DRK-160 Laser Rotary Pneumatic Chuck is its ability to save material. With its optimized clamping design and high bearing capacity, it minimizes material waste during the cutting process, maximizing material utilization and reducing production costs.


The processing of small tubes has always been a pressing challenge for the tube processing industry. Due to the small diameter of small pipes, there are many challenges in the process, such as the need for quick response, high speed cutting, precision operation and savings in consumables. As an industry leader, Dairuike is committed to solving the challenges of small tube cutting by providing fast, efficient, accurate and cost saving solutions.


The DRK-160 laserRotary Pneumatic Chuck follows the DRK-120, another small pipe Rotary Pneumatic Chuck, and is the best choice for small tube processing in the furniture, medical device and display industries.


The DRK-160 Rotary Pneumatic Chuck is more than just a breakthrough to overcome small tube cutting problems. It has a wider processing range and can handle all kinds of tubes with diameters between 10-160mm. Whether it is furniture manufacturing, medical equipment production or display prop production, DRK-160 can quickly and accurately complete the cutting task.


With low inertia, the DRK-160 Rotary Pneumatic Chuck offers the advantages of high-speed cutting and precise operation. It has a chuck speed of 150r/min and acceleration of up to 1.5G, far exceeding the industry level. This allows the machine to efficiently complete a large number of small tubes in a short period of time, increasing productivity.

The DRK-160 Rotary Pneumatic Chuck will continue to improve the performance, efficiency and quality of the chuck to meet the growing needs of our customers. At the same time, we will keep close communication and cooperation with our customers to continuously improve and optimize our products according to their feedback and needs, so as to create more value for our customers.


In this era of all horses running, opportunities only belong to those brave people who dare to meet challenges and overcome all difficulties. As an aggressive company, Dairuike understands the opportunities presented by global development and continues to break through and strive to escape the dilemma of low value competition in the industry.


Dairuike firmly believes that success does not come by waiting, but is earned through relentless effort and innovation. Faced with the development opportunities in the global market, they dare to challenge the status quo, break through the traditional shackles, and constantly pursue excellence and innovation. They understand the limitations imposed by low-value competition in the industry and therefore strive to find a more valuable path of development.


To learn more about the capabilities and features of our DRK-160 Laser Rotary Pneumatic Chuck, we invite you to visit the product center on our official website. Alternatively, feel free to leave a message below, and our dedicated team will be delighted to assist you further.


Rotary Pneumatic ChuckRotary Pneumatic Chuck


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