DRK-220B universal fiber laser Chuck

Dairuike 220B universal fiber laser Chuck


Dairuike | DRK-220B is universal fiber  laser Chuck, stable and efficient. It is a universal laser cutting machine for tube like:Round tube, square tube, ovaltube, rectangular tube and also can hold other shape tube like Channel steel, I-beam, U-shaped steel, angle steel and other special-shaped steel. DRK-220B universal fiber  laser Chuck superimposed double roller clamping built-in sliding block roller, less tailings.


It adopts an pneumatic clamp design on both sides and it can modulate the center automatically. The diagonal adjustable range is 10-220mm.The bearing capacity of a single pipe can reach 200KG.


This kind of DRK-220B universal fiber laser Chuck is popular in Europe, America, Korea, Australia because of this laser cutter chuck with full cover is safe and dustproof friendly.


Dairuike is a company dedicated to fiber laser Chuck manufacturing, and with the spirit of leading by example and manufacturing at speed, has been leading the industry change and doing its best to help companies upgrade their processes and industries. With the emergence of increasingly diverse and personalized processing needs, Dairuike has been breaking through the ceiling of unit efficiency and has introduced a series of new technologies and products that have disrupted the industry, providing a strong boost to metalworking companies to continue to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve quality.


The 220B universal fiber laser Chuck is one of Dairuike’s innovative products that takes into account the cutting needs of different profiles, meeting the diverse requirements of the market and customers, and bringing the ultimate extraordinary laser clamping experience to customers. The 220B fiber laser Chuck is able to hold and cut both conventional tubes and other profiles in a stable and reliable way, improving processing efficiency and ensuring cut quality, bringing great convenience and economic benefits to metalworking companies.


On the road to branding, Dairuike has grown rapidly. Each product is the result of a sincere dialogue with the market and its customers, and through close cooperation with them, Dairuike continues to deepen its understanding of market demand and customer needs. By working closely with our customers, Dairuike has been able to understand the market and their needs.


In the future, Dairuike will continue to focus on researching products with disruptive technologies, launching more innovative products and improving the brand ecosystem. As China moves from a “manufacturing power” to a “manufacturing power”, Direk will play a greater role in creating unprecedented value for its global customers. Dairuike will work with more national enterprises to show the strengths and advantages of Chinese manufacturing to the world and to build a stronger image and reputation for Chinese manufacturing in the global market.


Dairuike firmly believes that only through continuous innovation, superior quality and close cooperation with customers can we achieve common development and prosperity. Dairuike always upholds the principle of putting customers first, constantly promoting the progress and development of the industry, providing customers with better products and services, and helping them achieve greater success and success.


With innovation as the driving force, quality as the cornerstone, and customers as the center, Dairuike will continue to work hard and forge ahead to make greater contributions to the development of China’s manufacturing industry and contribute to the realization of the Chinese dream. Dairuike believes that through continuous efforts and cooperation, China’s manufacturing industry will be able to show a more dazzling light on the global stage!


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fiber  laser Chuckfiber  laser Chuck


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