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About pneumatic chuck

Dairuike Technology Co., Ltd., as one of the leaders in the laser cutting industry, has been committed to providing customers with high-quality laser cutting solutions. Among them, their pneumatic chuck product series has been well received by customers and has become an integral part of many laser pipe cutting machines and pipe processing machinery systems.


Pneumatic chuck is an important device for cutting pipes, which can clamp, loosen and feed pipes accurately into the cutting work area. The pneumatic chuck of Dairuike is specially designed for laser pipe cutting machine. Its function is not only limited to clamping round pipes, but also suitable for clamping rectangular, square, H-shaped and L-shaped pipes, which meets the processing needs of various types of pipes.


In the design of the pneumatic chuck, Dairuike paid attention to several key factors to ensure the high performance and reliability of the product. First, the pneumatic chuck can work within the full stroke without additional four-jaw adjustment. This feature makes the operation easier and the processing efficiency higher. In addition, the chuck adopts a fully enclosed structure, which means that it is not only more stable, but also has excellent wear resistance and can withstand long-term high-intensity work.


In order to improve the service life and performance of the chuck, the cross-roller bearings are used inside the air chuck of Dairuike. This kind of bearing can not only reduce friction, prolong the life of the chuck, but also improve its rotation accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy. This is very important for application scenarios that require high-precision cutting, ensuring the quality and accuracy of cutting results.


Dairuike pneumatic chucks are widely used in various professional pipe cutting machines and other pipe processing machinery systems. Their efficient clamping and positioning functions make the machining process more stable and increase production efficiency. Whether in the manufacture of automotive components, processing of building materials or the manufacture of furniture and accessories, these pneumatic chucks play a key role.


Dairuike has won high recognition from customers for its innovative products and excellent quality. Their line of pneumatic chucks represents the industry’s leading level, providing customers with reliable, high-performance solutions. As a leading enterprise in the field of laser cutting, Dairuike will continue to work hard to create more value for customers and promote the continuous development of laser cutting technology.

Pneumatic chuck

The working principle :

When the air source is connected to the air source interface, the compressed air will enter the cylinder through the air pipe and push the piston forward. As the piston is pushed, the claw set that enters the cylinder from below expands outward at high speed. At the same time, another set of jaws will be pulled inward to clamp the workpiece.

The pressure of the air source can control the clamping force of the chuck.
When the chuck reaches the preset clamping force, the switch will automatically cut off the air supply from the air source.

When it is necessary to unclamp, it is only necessary to eliminate the air supply pressure and let the gas from the air source back into the cylinder to realize the open state of the chuck.

The “role” played by the pneumatic chuck in the machine tool:

Advanced tube fiber laser cutting machine with pneumatic chuck for precision cutting. Dairuike laser chucks are currently divided into various models, mainly including small tube series, general series, square hole series, and heavy-duty series pneumatic chucks. Clamping range and load capacity vary, and prices vary. As a manufacturer that has been committed to laser pneumatic chucks, Dai Ruike took the lead in rapid manufacturing, repeatedly hit the pain points of the industry, and brought “subversive” products.

The rapid development of the machinery manufacturing industry and the breakthrough of technical difficulties have a lot to do with the widespread use of pneumatic chucks. However, this is also inseparable from the development of laser cutting machine. To better process various workpieces in batches, enterprises produce and must hold the workpiece to complete a series of delivery so that the workpiece can be manufactured according to a reasonable size.

My country’s machinery manufacturing needs high-quality pneumatic chucks. In order to achieve this goal, our front-line staff are constantly improving technology to enable the production of high-standard pneumatic chucks.


pneumatic chuck
Tube Cutting Chuck

Application range:

The chucks and fixtures developed by the company are widely used in the military industry, aerospace, textile machinery, medical equipment, fitness equipment, automobile and motorcycle accessories, laser cutting, petrochemical machinery, agricultural machinery, other civil machinery, and other fields.

Performance advantage:

  1.  It has a wide range of applications and can be customized according to various machine tool equipment;
  2. Improve work efficiency, reduce human resource costs, and reduce investment in fixed equipment;
  3. Reduce labor intensity and enhance corporate image;
  4. Save high costs, improve the operating efficiency of the machine tool, reduce the load on the machine tool spindle, and prolong the life of the machine tool;
  5. High performance, high precision, to meet any pipe cutting needs


Advantages of pneumatic chucks compared to ordinary chucks:

  1. Efficient clamping and releasing: The pneumatic chuck uses compressed air to clamp and release the pipe, so the clamping and releasing action can be completed more quickly. This increases the productivity of the cutter and reduces waiting times. 
  2. High-precision positioning: The pneumatic chuck has high positioning accuracy and can accurately position the pipe to the working area of the laser cutting head. This facilitates precise cutting and processing, improving product quality. 
  3. Strong carrying capacity: Pneumatic chucks usually have large clamping force and carrying capacity. This makes them capable of gripping heavy duty or large diameter tubing for a variety of industrial applications. 
  4. Automatic control: The pneumatic chuck can be integrated with the automatic control system of the laser pipe cutting machine to realize automatic clamping and positioning functions. This reduces the operator’s workload and increases the automation of the production line. 
  5. Strong adaptability: Pneumatic chucks can adapt to a variety of pipes of different shapes and sizes, including round pipes, square pipes, special-shaped pipes, etc. This increases the application range of the laser tube cutting machine. 
  6. Wear resistance and stability: Pneumatic chucks are usually made of high-strength materials and precision manufacturing processes, which have good wear resistance and stability. They maintain high precision and reliability over long production runs. 
  7. Reduce human error: Due to the automatic control and high-precision positioning of the pneumatic chuck, the occurrence of human error is reduced, and the consistency and stability of cutting are improved. 
  8. Improved safety: Pneumatic chucks are generally designed with safety in mind, preventing accidental pinching and operator safety concerns.Generally speaking, compared with ordinary chucks, pneumatic chucks have obvious advantages in terms of clamping speed, precision, load capacity and automation, so they are widely used in industrial production in fields that require high-efficiency and high-precision cutting.

Safety alert:

  • Try not to clamp the workpiece at the clamping limit size.
  • The limit speed must not be exceeded during the chuck use.
  • It is strictly forbidden to operate the switch during the chuck rotation.
  • Non-professionals of the company are not allowed to disassemble the main parts of the mechanical structure.
  • High-speed rotation is strictly prohibited for machine tools without protective covers.
  • Clean up processing chips in time, especially when Faulty parallelism
  • The operator must understand the structure, principle, and performance of the equipment, be familiar with the operation sequence, and be able to operate.

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