Pneumatic Chuck Front Chuck(Side hung)

Pneumatic Chuck Front Chuck
Pneumatic Chuck Front Chuck
  • 1
    Flexible design
    The pneumatic chuck can support two types of installation: flat and side-mounted
  • 2
    One-piece design
    Adopt integral built-in drive design, stable transmission, multi-angle installation, convenient and practical
  • 3
    High stability
    High rigidity front chuck, single jaw thrust, stable clamping of heavy tubes
  • 4
    High clamping force
    Pneumatic chuck front chuck with wide and narrow jaws as standard, supporting the clamping of large I-beam and channel steel


Heavy pneumatic chuck is becoming more and more popular. Currently, a new round of large-scale infrastructure has been kicked off, covering the fields of petrochemical, rail transportation, construction bridges, engineering machinery, aerospace and other fields and their related industries, becoming an important engine of economic development. The widespread application of heavy tubes in fields such as construction and port offshore equipment has driven the growing demand for heavy tube cutting machines. Facing this market environment with both challenges and opportunities, DRK-360 heavy laser chuck was born to meet the market demand.


  • Heavy-duty series DRK-360 pneumatic chuck break through the boundaries of heavy tube cutting, with the industry three chucks / four chucks zero tail material, optional flat and side hanging two types of installation, high rigidity, high load capacity and other advantages, sold worldwide!


  • DRK-360 pneumatic chuck is a heavy pneumatic chuck specially developed for the heavy tube market, with excellent features such as high precision, high load capacity and high performance. Compared with the traditional conventional tube cutting machine, DRK-360 heavy pneumatic chuck can more effectively solve the problem of medium and heavy tubes in laser cutting need to maintain high precision and stable cutting for a long time, and can process heavy tubes and profiles with a diameter of 15-360mm, with a wider processing range.


  • In order to meet the laser cutting needs of medium and heavy tubes, the pneumatic chuck of heavy fiber laser tube cutting machine is further upgraded with a heavy centering chuck, which greatly enhances the clamping force and improves the tube load-bearing capacity, guaranteeing the stability of processing and tube cutting accuracy. The pneumatic chuck adopts wide and narrow jaws, supporting large I-beam channel, providing a very efficient solution for heavy tubes and large diameter tubes, with a maximum clamping capacity of 780kg, capable of processing whole tubes up to 12m in length.


  • In addition, DRK-360 heavy pneumatic chuck can be optional three-chuck / four-chuck side hanging design, loading and unloading more safely solve the difficulty of heavy tube loading and cutting. The DRK-360  heavy pneumatic chuck can be equipped with a three-chuck/four-chuck side-hanging design. At the same time, the pneumatic chuck gear seal dustproof, reduce the maintenance frequency, extend the service life of the pneumatic chuck. In short, DRK-360 heavy pneumatic chuck is more efficient, better quality and wider application than traditional processing methods, and is the preferred equipment for heavy tube processing.

This pneumatic chuck is a supporting equipment for laser cutting machine that can clamping and feeding tubes when cutting tubes. It can clamp all kinds of specifications of round tube, rectangular tube, channel steel, I-beam, angle steel, shaped tube, etc. The whole material is taken into account.


Performance parameter

Spindle Bore
Total Weight
(K g.cm 2)
Rotary precision
Φ844 Φ365 470±0.1 700 300000 ≤0.05 ≤0.05


Single Claw trip
Single Claw thrust
Processing Range
Permissible pressure
(M pa)
Rated speed
thickness of pipe
Holdup time
90±0.5 650 15-360 0.2-0.8 150 ≥2 12


The widespread application of heavy pneumatic chuck has indeed brought many benefits to several industries. The following are the main application areas and advantages of this technology:

Heavy industry machinery: heavy pneumatic chuck is widely used in heavy industry machinery industry, such as pipe cutting and processing of large machinery and equipment such as excavators, loaders, and cranes. It can efficiently and accurately cut and process pipes of different shapes, providing better process adaptability and production efficiency.

Steel structure construction: Heavy pneumatic chucks are widely used in the field of steel structure construction. It can be used to cut and process various types of pipes, including round pipes, square pipes, channel steel, angle steel, oval pipes, etc. This flexibility makes the pneumatic chuck ideal for efficient, precise cutting in steel construction.

Construction: In the construction industry, heavy laser chucks are used to cut and process pipes, pipelines, trusses and other structures. It provides precise cutting results, ensuring pipe quality and fit, while improving construction efficiency and accuracy.

Machinery Manufacturing: Heavy metal pneumatic chucks play an important role in the machinery manufacturing industry. It can be used to cut and process tubes of all shapes, including tubes for mechanical structures, components and assemblies. By using the laser pipe cutting chuck, high-precision and high-efficiency pipe processing can be realized to meet the needs of mechanical manufacturing.

Bridge Engineering: Heavy pneumatic chucks are widely used in pipe cutting and processing in bridge engineering. It can handle pipes of all shapes and sizes, including those used in bridge structures and supports. Laser tube chucks provide precise cutting and machining results, ensuring tube quality and fit.

In general, the heavy pneumatic chuck has a wide range of applications, can provide high-precision and high-efficiency pipe cutting and processing solutions, fills in the shortcomings of traditional processing methods, and improves processing efficiency and product quality.

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