Laser Metal Pipe Cutter Chuck (Rear Chuck)

Laser Metal Pipe Cutter Chuck
Laser Metal Pipe Cutter Chuck
  • 1
    Small inertia
    The laser metal pipe cutter chuck adopts the same power motor, which has the characteristics of small inertia, can accelerate quickly and drive stably, and improve cutting speed and accuracy.
  • 2
    Easy to use
    The laser metal pipe cutter chuck adopts keyway positioning design, which is simple and convenient to operate, without cumbersome comb adjustment, saving adjustment time and effort.
  • 3
    Material saving
    the rear chuck of the laser metal pipe cutter chuck can maximize the extension of the front chuck, improve the utilization rate of pipes, reduce waste generation, and reduce material costs.
  • 4
    Flexible processing
    The laser metal pipe cutter chuck is equipped with various types of jaws to meet the processing needs of pipes of different shapes, with flexibility and adaptability to meet diverse processing requirements.


220B general-purpose laser metal pipe cutter chuck consists of a front chuck and a rear chuck, which are used to clamp and position pipes to achieve precise pipe processing.

  • Universal laser metal pipe cutter chuck the rear chuck is installed behind the laser pipe cutting equipment and is used to clamp the cut pipe. It features an adjustable clamping mechanism that securely clamps tubing and ensures stability and precision during cutting. The rear chuck has a multifunctional design, which is suitable for pipes of different diameters and shapes, improving the flexibility and applicability of work.


  • The universal laser metal pipe cutter chuck front chuck is installed in front of the laser pipe cutting equipment for positioning and supporting the pipe. The front chuck is usually equipped with locating pins and supports to precisely position the tube and keep it stable. It cooperates with the rear chuck to achieve precise positioning and stable clamping of the pipe, ensuring the accuracy and quality of laser cutting.


  • Stability and precision: The combination of the rear chuck and the front chuck can clamp and position the pipe, ensuring the stability of the pipe and the accuracy of the cutting position during the cutting process. This helps improve cut quality and consistency.


  • Flexibility and Applicability: The universal 220B laser metal pipe cutter chuck is suitable for pipes of different diameters and shapes, providing a wider range of applications. They have the function of adjustment and quick replacement of clamping parts, which is convenient to adapt to the processing needs of different pipe materials.


  • Working efficiency: The synergistic effect of the rear chuck and the front chuck makes the clamping and positioning of the pipe more efficient and stable, reduces the workload of the operator, and improves the production efficiency and work efficiency.


▎Precautions for the use of laser metal pipe cutter chuck

laser metal pipe cutter chuck is a kind of equipment specially used for laser pipe cutting equipment. Its main function is to clamp the workpiece and realize the rotation operation. This product has an independently rotating spindle structure with a chuck in the middle that securely fastens the workpiece and rotates it. The chuck has a built-in independent cylinder, which has the function of maintaining pressure for a long time, and uses the side rotary air intake to realize fast clamping and loosening actions. Only need to connect the supporting motor and gear, and connect the compressed air source, the workpiece can be clamped and driven to rotate. It is mainly used in operations such as clamping the workpiece, rotating and feeding back and forth.


  • The laser metal pipe cutter chuck adopts a four-jaw dual-power automatic two-two centering structure, which is suitable for clamping circular, square, rectangular, oval and other central axis-symmetric parts. It is usually paired with the main card and installed on the laser tube cutting equipment for processing long parts.


  • This product is suitable for laser tube cutting equipment, and can be used to rotate and cut tubes of different shapes such as round tubes, square tubes, and oval tubes.


When using the laser metal pipe cutter chuck, you need to pay attention to the following:


  • Users should abide by the transportation, storage, equipment, adjustment, maintenance and use specifications of the product. If it is found that the product does not work properly due to manufacturing quality problems, or if there are problems with poor packaging, damage, accessories that do not match the packing list, or insufficient parts when unpacking, the user should contact the supplier’s quality department within 1 month after receiving the goods , and provide relevant information such as product model, specification, serial number and delivery date.


  • The product should be installed and used in an environment of 0-40°C.


  • When using product equipment, users should strictly abide by the specification requirements. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please notify the quality department in time.


The above is a re-description of the laser metal pipe cutter chuck. This equipment plays an important role in the process of laser cutting pipes, providing clamping and rotating functions, and is suitable for processing various shapes of pipes. At the same time, users need to abide by the specification requirements during use, and contact the supplier in time to deal with related issues.


Performance parameter

Total Weight
(K g.cm ²)
Rotary precision
Φ264 145±0.05 94 6000 ≤0.10 ≤0.15


Single Claw trip
Single Claw thrust
Processing Range
Permissible pressure
(M pa)
Rated speed
thickness of pipe
40 136 15-218 0.3-0.8 150 ≥1



Laser Metal Pipe Cutter Chuck

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