Fully Automatic Laser Cutter Chuck (Rear Chuck)

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Fully Automatic Laser Cutter Chuck 3
  • 1
    Easy to use
    Fully automatic laser cutter chuck rear chuck jaws have a large stroke and fewer types, making the jaws more convenient to use
  • 2
    High rigidity
    Gun barrel type high rigidity rear chuck, no fear of heavy tube clamping
  • 3
    Less residual material
    Fully automatic laser cutter chuck barrel rear chuck design, pipe utilization rate of 90%
  • 4
    One-piece design
    Fully automatic laser cutter chuck adopts one-piece reducer seat design, reducer can be multi-angle selection


With the continuous development of modern industry, the demand for heavy tube is increasing, especially in construction, bridges, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical and other fields. However, the processing of these heavy pipes presents certain challenges for conventional processing equipment. Therefore, as an efficient and accurate pipe processing equipment, the fully automatic laser cutter chuck has become the key to heavy pipe processing.

  • Fully automatic laser cutter chuck plays an important role in the laser tube cutting machine, it can clamp and fix the tube to ensure a precise cutting process. Compared with traditional processing equipment, the automatic laser cutting machine chuck has higher processing efficiency and better processing quality.


  • The rear jaw of the DRK-690 fully automatic laser cutter chuck adopts a barrel design, which has excellent performance and reliable clamping. The rear chuck clamping jaws have strong clamping force and stable pipe clamping ability, which can adapt to the processing of pipes with different diameters and weights. At the same time, it adopts an advanced pneumatic control system, which can quickly clamp and loosen pipes and improve production efficiency. The rear jaws are also equipped with a reliable support structure to ensure the stability and accuracy of the machining process.


  • DRK-690 fully automatic laser cutter chuck has a built-in rear chuck gear, which ensures sealing and dustproof, reduces maintenance costs for customers, and is easy to maintain. Manufactured with advanced materials and workmanship, it is durable and stable, and can maintain excellent performance over a long period of use.

In a word, the rear jaw of the DRK-690 fully automatic laser cutter chuck is an efficient and precise pipe processing equipment with strong clamping force, stable pipe clamping ability and high flexibility. It can meet the needs of heavy pipe processing, improve production efficiency and processing quality, and bring greater development opportunities for the heavy pipe processing industry.


▎Customer Reviews

Five conditions for creating a fully automatic laser cutter chuck brand

A fully automatic laser cutter chuck manufacturer (fully automatic laser cutter chuck manufacturing enterprise) wants to develop into a leader in the industry among many peers, or become a well-known brand of metal laser cutting machines in the country and even in the world. The following important conditions are essential.
Metal laser cutting tube chuck quality.

In my opinion, if an unknown trademark brand wants to become a brand fully automatic laser cutter chuck, the most important factor is that “quality” must surpass its peers. The quality of the metal laser pipe cutting chuck is the best proof for an enterprise to show its strength to the society. The quality of metal laser pipe cutting chuck products is directly proportional to the manufacturer’s technology, quality control and other soft and hard advantages. A high-quality metal laser pipe cutting chuck must be the product of professional design, solid manufacturing process, standardized production process, and strict quality inspection results. Products without quality will eventually be eliminated by the market, which is the law of a free competitive market. Products without quality cannot survive in the market for a long time. If the metal laser pipe cutting chuck is not guaranteed in quality, it will hurt your customers and ultimately yourself.
The technical strength of the metal laser pipe cutting chuck.

fully automatic laser cutter chuck machine involves many aspects of professional technology, such as: technology, material production technology, clamping technology, etc. And so on. To do a good job in quality work, there must be solid and reliable professional technical support.

  • fully automatic laser cutter chuck advertising promotion.
    There is a Chinese saying: “Wang Po sells melons, and she sells her own melons.” It means: To do business, you need to introduce yourself to others and sell your products. Metal laser pipe cutting chuck is also a commodity for customers. If you want consumers to buy the metal laser pipe cutting chucks you produce and sell, you must first let everyone understand the characteristics of the products, and you must show and introduce the products to customers. Consumers must be made aware of the features and advantages of their products. Advertising is a medium for presenting a product to a customer group. Only when consumers understand and recognize their metal laser cutting pipe chuck brand from different channels, will they arouse consumers’ willingness to buy and push the products to the market. Today, commonly used advertising media include: TV, Internet, posters, outdoor advertisements, product brochures, body advertisements, SMS and WeChat advertisements, etc.


  • fully automatic laser cutter chuck Service.
    Service is the process by which metal laser pipe chuck manufacturers (sellers) fulfill their responsibilities to customers and fulfill their responsibilities and obligations to products. Consultation, payment, delivery and installation, and after-sales processing before purchasing metal laser pipe cutting chucks, every link is inseparable from “service”. The service process and service attitude directly affect consumers’ brand impression of metal laser cutting machines. If the quality of metal laser tube cutting chucks is the basis of brand achievement, then “service” is the judgment question for judging the quality of metal laser tube cutting chucks. important factor for consumer delivery. way of word of mouth.


  • After-sale guarantee for metal laser tube cutting chuck: Metal laser tube cutting chuck belongs to metal clamping equipment, and its service life is very long. The metal laser tube chuck itself has many parts. It is a normal phenomenon, and customers lack the ability to solve these after-sales problems, which requires professionals from metal laser pipe cutting chuck manufacturers or sellers to solve them. Dealing with and solving these problems belongs to the after-sale guarantee. Metal laser pipe cutting chucks are not disposable consumer goods, and their after-sales guarantee time varies with different brand manufacturers. The minimum after-sale guarantee period for metal laser pipe cutting chucks is 1 year. The time limit of after-sales guarantee, the timeliness of after-sales service within the time limit, the method and efficiency of after-sales processing. All metal laser pipe cutting chucks are an integral part of the road to becoming a brand.


To sum up: Every fully automatic laser cutter chuck manufacturer wants to be a well-known brand manufacturer. However, the road to branding is not at your fingertips. I just hope that all manufacturers of metal laser tube cutting chucks can take quality, technology, service, and after-sales protection as the road to brand achievement, gain market recognition, gain social recognition, and eventually become the public brand of metal laser tube cutting chucks in consumption. position in the eyes of the reader.


Performance parameter

Total Weight
(K g.cm ²)
Rotary precision
Φ502 275±0.05 438 145000 ≤0.10 ≤0.2


Single Claw trip
Single Claw thrust
Processing Range
Permissible pressure
(M pa)
Rated speed
thickness of pipe
65 1660 100-680 0.3-0.8 50 ≥5


Fully Automatic Laser Cutter Chuck

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