Fiber Laser Tube Chuck (Front Chuck)

Cnc Fiber Laser Tube Chuck
Cnc Fiber Laser Tube Chuck
  • 1
    Specially designed for large diameter heavy tube
    Fiber laser tube chuck with easily adjustable jaws and keyway positioning for easy installation and use, providing convenient processing
  • 2
    High rigidity
    Gun barrel type high rigidity rear clamping, no fear of heavy tube clamping
  • 3
    High load-bearing capacity
    fiber laser tube chuck with low inertia Short cantilever support Highly rigid front chuck
  • 4
    Fiber laser tube chuck integrated bearing seat, high load capacity, easy installation


DRK-430 fiber laser tube chuck

Today’s market has an increasing demand for extra-long and heavy tube cutting, but the technical bottlenecks of traditional processing methods often limit the efficiency and accuracy of the process. In response to this problem, Dairuike fiber laser tube chuck has introduced a new technical solution that breaks the four technical barriers of single tube length, tube clamping diameter, single tube weight and tube type. The DRK-430 fiber laser tube chuck enables the cutting of extra-long and extra-heavy tubes, greatly improving processing efficiency and accuracy and meeting the market’s diverse needs for heavy tube processing.


  • The DRK-430 fiber laser tube chuck is equipped with three or four chuck options, making it an efficient tube processing solution. By using multiple chucks, waste and loss of tube can be minimized, material utilization can be improved, and zero tail material cutting can be achieved.


  • The DRK-430 fiber laser tube chuck features a gear-sealed, dust-proof design that effectively reduces maintenance while extending the life of the fiber laser tube chuck. This feature not only can save cost and improve economic efficiency for customers, but also can provide more reliable choice and more stable guarantee for customers’ production. In conclusion, DRK-430 fiber laser tube chuck has the advantages of high load capacity, high precision and high performance, and is a heavy  fiber laser tube chuck developed for the heavy tube processing market, which has a very wide application prospect and market demand.


  • DRK-430 laser tube chuck is a heavy  fiber laser tube chuck specially developed for the heavy pipe processing market, one of its design features is the high load-bearing design, DRK-430 fiber laser tube chuck jaws clamping force, can effectively improve the tube load-bearing force, so as to ensure the stability of processing and the accuracy of tube cutting. This feature allows the DRK-430 fiber laser tube chuck to meet the needs of medium and heavy tube laser cutting.


  • DRK-430 laser tube chuck also adopts wide and narrow jaw design, which can support the processing of large diameter tubes such as large I-beam and channel, providing a more efficient solution for users. Its high load-bearing design is also reflected in the range of pipe diameters it supports. DRK-430 fiber laser tube chuck can process a wide range of tube diameters, from 20mm to 430mm, including a variety of profiles, round tubes, square tubes and other tube types. For heavy tube, the DRK-430 fiber laser tube chuck can clamp up to 1200kg of tube with two clamps.

This laser tube chuck is a can realize the cutting tube when clamping and feeding tube laser cutting machine supporting equipment. It can clamp all kinds of specifications of round tube, rectangular tube, channel steel, I-beam, angle steel, shaped tube, etc. The whole material is taken into account.


▎Advantages of Heavy Three/Four Chucks

Optional side-mounted three/four chuck fiber laser tube chuck, the 430 laser tube chuck can easily handle 12 meters long, 1200kg heavy tube, adding heavy equipment for heavy metal pipe processing!

  1. Three/four fiber laser tube chuck intelligent clamping

Three or four fiber laser tube chucks realize easy and stable clamping of super-heavy tubes. The pneumatic clamping force is large and adjustable. Heavy pipes are cut without fear of loosening and slipping, and light and thin pipes are clamped without deformation. Guaranteed cutting accuracy.


2. Promise 0 tailings

Three-/four fiber laser tube chuck reversing cutting, fiber laser tube chuck with multiple clamping and cutting modes, truly realize 0mm stepless tail material cutting, material utilization rate increased by 100%, and production cost saved.


3.Breaking through the load limit of heavy tubes

The 430  laser tube chuck has an effective cutting diameter of φ20mm-φ430mm for round tubes and □20mm-□300mm for square tubes. It supports 12-meter super-long heavy tube clamping. The maximum load of two chucks can reach 1200kg.


Performance parameter

Spindle Bore
Total Weight
(K g.cm 2)
Rotary precision
Φ950 Φ400 485±0.05 795 500000 Φ0.10 Φ0.10


Single Claw trip
Single Claw thrust
Processing Range
Permissible pressure
(M pa)
Rated speed
thickness of pipe
Holdup time
71.5 1100 20-380 0.3-0.8 50 ≥3 12



Cnc fiber laser tube chuck

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