Cnc Fiber Laser Tube Chuck (Rear Chuck)

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  • 1
    Easy to use
    Cnc fiber laser tube chuck rear chuck jaws have a large stroke and fewer types, making the jaws more convenient to use
  • 2
    High rigidity
    Gun barrel type high rigidity rear chuck, no fear of heavy tube clamping
  • 3
    Less residual material
    Cnc fiber laser tube chuck barrel rear chuck design, pipe utilization rate of 90%
  • 4
    One-piece design
    Adopt one-piece reducer seat design, reducer can be multi-angle selection




DRK-430 Cnc Fiber Laser Tube Chuck

With the rapid development of modern industry, the demand for heavy tube is gradually increasing, especially in the fields of construction, bridges, machinery manufacturing, petrochemicals, etc. Heavy tube is increasingly used. However, the processing of these heavy tube faces many challenges, such as huge tube diameter, large wall thickness and difficult processing. In this situation, pneumatic tube, as an efficient and precise tube processing equipment, become an important solution.


  • Pneumatic tube play an important role in laser tube cutting machines, and their role in clamping and fixing tube is crucial. As the market continues to expand and evolve, cnc fiber laser tube chuck continue to innovate and evolve to meet a variety of tube processing needs. In response to the special needs of the heavy tube market, cnc fiber laser tube chuck has gradually developed a variety of technical features such as high load capacity, large diameter, large wall thickness, and wide and narrow jaws.


  • DRK-430 cnc fiber laser tube chuck rear chuck adopts high rigidity gun barrel type design with large single jaw stroke and strong clamping force, which can clamp all kinds of large tube, making the laser tube cutting machine able to meet more tube processing needs of different tube diameters and lengths. At the same time, the cnc fiber laser tube chuck rear chuck jaws have fewer types, are easy to operate and are pneumatically controlled, allowing for quick clamping and loosening of tube, thus saving processing time and labor costs. In addition, the cnc fiber laser tube chuck can ensure the accurate clamping and stable processing of the tube, effectively improving the cutting accuracy and processing efficiency.DRK-430 cnc fiber laser tube chuck rear chuck adopts integral support base structure, which improves the support bearing stability.


  • The 430 cnc fiber laser tube chuck rear chuck is a chuck for large pipe processing, in conjunction with the 430 cnc fiber laser tube chuck front chuck, can clamp larger diameter tube to meet the needs of heavy metal tube processing. The rear chuck extends beyond the range of the front chuck for maximum savings. 430 cnc fiber laser tube chuck Rear Chuck features a wide clamping range, capable of clamping a variety of tube from 20-430mm.


  • In addition, the cnc fiber laser tube rear chuck is designed with an integrated reducer seat, and the reducer can be selected at multiple angles to improve the accuracy and stability of tube cutting. The rear chuck of Dairuike 430 cnc fiber laser tube chuck adopts a single jaw thrust, which has a stronger clamping force compared to the traditional processing mode, and two clamps can carry 1200kg of tube weight, which is suitable for larger pipe processing needs. It has become the choice of more and more heavy tube processing fields and is favored by users.


▎Rest assured sales service

The heavy cnc fiber laser tube chuck is a high-precision, high-efficiency, high-load-bearing auxiliary equipment for laser pipe cutting machines. It can open an efficient production mode for users engaged in the metal manufacturing industry. Many users will choose cnc fiber laser tube chuck Considering a series of service issues such as purchases, the so-called service is the touchstone for testing companies. Good equipment quality is the key to customers choosing to cooperate with companies. Only by creating a good purchasing and using experience for customers can we stand firm in the complex and changing market environment Heel, an excellent brand not only focuses on equipment quality, but also relies on high-quality services to create sales services that reassure customers.


Dai Ruike adheres to the service concept of “survive by quality, develop by innovation, every little thing about customers is our big deal”, guarantees with a perfect service system, and strives to be the best in the three links of pre-sale, sale and after-sale Consumers are provided with fast, safe, multi-level, comprehensive and all-weather one-stop services.


▎Choose these three “heights” for cnc fiber laser tube chuck

  • High-end brand. When choosing cnc fiber laser tube chuck products, the first thing to look at is the brand. A big brand not only means quality assurance, but also perfect after-sales service: such as fault repair, parts replacement, technology upgrade and maintenance, etc. Relatively speaking, the products of big brands are more professional and the service is more considerate. The more popular laser cutting machines in the market, such as the Dairuike cnc fiber laser tube Chuck, have a brand history of many years. The users cover more than 100 countries and 200 million people around the world. The high-end brand image makes Dairuike popular with customers engaged in metal processing. The high-quality The excellent after-sales service system has also brought greater advantages to the Dairuike brand and won a good reputation from users.


  • High-end technology. The core element of the cnc fiber laser tube chuck depends on its technological quality, whether the clamping stability is good or not!


  • High-end parameters. In addition to brand and technological strength, to select a high-quality cnc fiber laser tube chuck, consumers should also pay attention to these parameters: processing range, processing speed, processing quality, processing cost, etc. After testing, it was found that among many laser equipment brands, Dairuike performed outstandingly. Dai Ruike—cnc fiber laser tube chuck, as a fiber cnc fiber laser tube chuck with excellent performance in multiple indicators, has become a cnc fiber laser tube chuck brand sought after by the public.

High-quality cnc fiber laser tube chuck stand the test

In addition to the “three high” standards, high-quality cnc fiber laser tube chuck must also stand the test of the market. As an old brand of cnc fiber laser tube chuck, DaiRuike accurately controls the market demand. Each newly released cnc fiber laser tube chuck has conducted a large number of user researches, only to bring more cutting-edge laser clamping technology to the market and bring users The new and upgraded clamping experience has also gained a good reputation.



After the production and manufacture of the cnc fiber laser tube chuck is completed, it will be shipped to the customer through logistics and transportation. However, the cnc fiber laser tube chuck is a relatively bulky device. The cnc fiber laser tube chuck is packed in a standard export wooden box, which is suitable for long-distance transportation, moisture-proof, rust-proof, and shock-proof. It is suitable for overall hoisting. The staff in charge of receiving the goods should pay special attention to what Woolen cloth?
For the small tube laser chuck, it is more convenient because of its small size; but for the heavy cnc fiber laser tube chuck, it is a problem. When hoisting the equipment, special attention should be paid to lifting and placing the equipment with care. Collision is strictly prohibited. When hoisting, the wire rope Do not scratch the device.


Performance parameter

Total Weight
(K g.cm ²)
Rotary precision
Φ535 275±0.05 330 45000 ≤0.10 ≤0.15


Single Claw trip
Single Claw thrust
Processing Range
Permissible pressure
(M pa)
Rated speed
thickness of pipe
53 1220 20-430 0.3-0.8 150 ≥3




The output and demand of metal pipes are increasing, the processing of pipes needs to be diversified, and the demand for cnc fiber laser tube chucks has become more extensive. However, the products on the market are now uneven, so that consumers do not know how to Choose the cnc fiber laser tube that suits you.

The heavy pipe industry is becoming more and more widespread and common, making cnc fiber laser tube chuck necessary to achieve easy and stable clamping of overweight pipes. Hold without deformation to ensure cutting accuracy. Fully automatic use of the cnc fiber laser tube chuck to change the direction of cutting, truly realize 0mm stepless tail material cutting, increase material utilization rate by 100%, and save production costs. The stainless steel pipe held by the laser chuck is flexible, and it can be cut as you want, and the graphics are worry-free.

Cnc Fiber Laser Tube Chuck

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