Le mandrin laser à quatre mâchoires DRK-520B pour la machine de découpe de tubes au laser lourd

DRK-520B mandrin laser à quatre mors – the era of “light” processing of ultra-long heavy tubes is coming—a powerful tool for heavy tubes


As a technological innovation enterprise focusing on the laser welding and cutting industry, Dai Ruike has accumulated rich technical strength and R&D experience through many years of intensive cultivation. Guided by customer needs, we are committed to market segmentation and providing customers with customized laser tube-cutting chuck solutions. In the context of the current upgrading of the metal processing industry and the continuous evolution of industry trends, the key to a company’s success lies in having advanced equipment. This is especially true in the field of heavy metal tube processing. As an important part of the manufacturing industry, the metal processing industry has always played an important role in equipment manufacturing and construction. Heavy metal tube processing is no exception. For many tube processing companies, if you want to gain a foothold in the rapidly advancing market and increase your share in the industry, you must produce high-quality products with efficient production capabilities that can withstand testing.


For this reason, many tube manufacturers are looking for breakthroughs on how to improve their processing capabilities and achieve a leap in production capacity. The quality of the product itself and sufficient production capacity are both indispensable. Advanced processing technology is the guarantee for the company’s precision manufacturing and efficient production. Dai Ruike DRK-520B is an outstanding representative of heavy-duty tube-cutting chucks.


Le DRK-520B mandrin laser à quatre mors is designed to process ultra-heavy tubes and profiles with a processing range of 90 to 508mm, marking the beginning of a new era of “lighter, more convenient, and more efficient” for heavy-duty tube processing. This chuck has made significant breakthroughs in terms of the maximum load-bearing capacity of a single tube, tube clamping range, processing tube length, and cutting efficiency. Its processing capabilities are extremely excellent, covering various tubes and profiles, from round tubes to square tubes and special-shaped tubes. It can carry up to 1500kg of various tubes and profiles, providing users with great flexibility and choice. Opening up the international demand channel for laser cutting technology, the four-card laser chuck DRK-520B is available in many places around the world, bringing good news to heavy tube manufacturers.


Quel type de mandrin laser à quatre mâchoires se distinguera toujours dans l'industrie très concurrentielle de l'usinage des tubes métalliques lourds et attirera l'attention de tous les milieux ? Quels sont ses avantages techniques ?


  • Cutting long workpieces with zero-tail material:
    The DRK-520B four-jaw laser chuck has become the leader in cutting ultra-long and heavy-duty tubes through zero-tail cutting technology. Its design supports the loading and unloading of 12-meter ultra-long workpieces and can easily handle tubes of various shapes. The maximum load-bearing capacity of a single tube can reach 1500 kg, achieving a breakthrough in cutting large-diameter, heavy-duty tubes.



  • Entièrement scellé et très étanche à la poussière :
    It adopts an integrated, fully enclosed helical gear transmission structure with built-in gears to effectively prevent dust from entering. This fully sealed design not only reduces the risk of jamming but also significantly reduces maintenance frequency. The highly dust-proof design ensures the stability and durability of the chuck in various working environments.


  • Serrage stable :
    The chuck bearing is supported forward; the short cantilever structure and the high rigidity of the chuck ensure that the vibration of the chuck is minimal when cutting bent tubes. This stable clamping design not only provides efficient clamping force for large tubes but also ensures high-precision cutting.


  • Side-mounted design:
    Le montage latéral assure une meilleure stabilité et une plus grande fiabilité de l'ensemble du système de coupe. Cette conception facilite les opérations de chargement et de déchargement et s'adapte à une grande variété de besoins de découpe. La conception du montage latéral rend le processus de découpe plus stable et permet une découpe efficace.
mandrin laser à quatre mors
mandrin laser à quatre mors


At present, the DRK-520B mandrin laser à quatre mors has been widely used in the petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, engineering construction, electromechanical equipment, profile processing, and other industries, helping the metal processing industry to flourish. Dai Ruike’s DRK-520B four-jaw laser chuck has played an important role in the company and has deeply explored market demand, enriched metal processing production lines, and mass-produced high-quality heavy-duty tubes to provide a strong guarantee.



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