چاک برق پنوماتیک (چاک جلویی)

چاک پنوماتیک
چاک پنوماتیک
  • 1
    Square hole design
    The same size of the pneumatic  powerchuck is round, and the types of pipeline processing increase
  • 2
    Accurate clamping pipe
    Double roller roller configuration, the small pipe is held stable and accurate
  • 3
    پایداری قوی
    The overall built -in drive structure, improve the accuracy and stability of the transmission
  • 4
    Flexible switch
    The installation size is unchanged, which is convenient for swapping with round holes
  • 5
    The acceleration of the pneumatic power chuck can reach 1.5g, and the air rotation can reach 150R/min can



Dairuike DRK-120JL pneumatic power chuck: This pneumatic power chuck brings a new definition and breakthrough to the application of the small pipe pipeline field

In the rapid development of modern industry, laser cutting pipe technology has become an indispensable part of many industries. In order to achieve accurate pipe cutting and pipeline processing, laser -cutting equipment requires strong, efficient and reliable laser -pneumatic mounts as key components. Dai Ruike’s pneumatic chuck has always been at the forefront of small pipe cutting technology, providing excellent solutions for the industry.

  • Pioneering innovation

Dai Ruike’s pneumatic power chuck is designed for laser -cutting equipment, which provides stable support for the processing process. The development of this pneumatic power  chuck represents a major breakthrough in the field of small tube cutting technology. Its characteristics are not only reflected in the design and excellent performance of innovation, but also in its subversive effect on the field of small tubes.

  • Extensive application areas

Fang Kong design is a significant advantage of Dai Ruike’s pneumatic power  chuck. It has brought revolutionary changes in the field of small pipe cutting pipes. Compared with round -hole chucks, the holding range and type are limited. The introduction of Fang Kong design has completely changed this situation.

First of all, the square hole design expands the size range of the clamping size. Compared with the traditional round -hole chuck, the type of pipe holding pipes in square holes is increased, and it can firmly clamp the pipes with larger and more sizes. This means that it can handle wider pipe specifications, thereby meeting the needs of different projects and applications.

  • Excellent performance

DRK-120JL pneumatic chuck is one of Dai Ruike’s latest innovation, which redefines the limit of small tube cutting technology. This pneumatic chuck has an excellent performance and can achieve a square tube holder with □ 120x120mm. The diameter of the pores is expanded to □ 130x130mm. This breakthrough innovation broaden the scope of small tube processing. Whether it is a round tube or a square pipe, its clamping range is very wide, the range of the round tube is 10-127mm, and the square tube range is 10×10-120X120mm. This innovation breaks through the restrictions of traditional round -hole chucks and expands the scope and types of square tubes.

The performance of DRK-120JL pneumatic  power chuck is also impressive. It runs at a speed of 150 rpm and has a acceleration of 1.5g, achieving absolute leading dynamic performance. It can hold pipes in the entire itinerary, and it only takes 1 second to complete the clip movement as soon as possible, making each second efficient and valuable. The gas bracket is equipped with a double -row wheel to ensure stable clamping pipes and avoid shaking. It is particularly suitable for handling “large quantities, various types” profiles and alien pipes to achieve high -speed and accurate cutting.

  • Powerful support

In order to meet the needs of the small tube cutting tube, the DRK-120JL pneumatic power chuck can also be used with Dai Rui Ke’s 120s chuck. The strength of this configuration is that it can stabilize the pipes stably, hold it freely, loosely, and the single -claws are more thrust. 120jl installation size is unchanged, convenient for interchange with round holes, formulate installation standards, ensure convenient installation, and help quickly put into production

  • Change the industry structure

Dai Ruike’s Fangkou pneumatic chuck redefined the field of small tubes, bringing new development opportunities to the field. It will create a broader market space and opportunities for the entire machine manufacturer, while providing strong support for the growth of market demand. This also means that the small tube cutting pipe technology is moving towards a more efficient and more accurate direction. Dai Ruiko Company helps to help the industry’s development with its outstanding innovative ability and quality commitment.

  • نتیجه

Dai Ruike’s pneumatic chuck is the pinnacle of technology in the small tube tube. Its widespread application, excellent performance, strong supporting facilities, and major influence on the industry make it a leader of small tube -cutting technology. The advent of this chuck not only meets the high requirements of modern industries for processing pipelines and pipeline processing, but also opens up a new path for the development of the industry. Dai Ruike’s unremitting innovation spirit is committed to providing customers with the most advanced pneumatic chuck solutions to promote the industry to continue to move forward and achieve more efficient and more accurate management work. Dai Ruike’s pneumatic chuck will continue to lead the future of small tube cutting technology and help the success of all walks of life.


▎Why choose Dairuike laser pneumatic power chuck?

  • The choice of Dai Ruike’s pneumatic power chuck is because this is a company centered on innovation and excellence. Its products have an excellent reputation in the field of laser cutting. Whether it is industrial cutting tube or small tube, general pipes, heavy pipes, Dai Ruike’s laser mounts provide excellent solutions. Here are some key reasons why Dai Ruike’s pneumatic chuck:


  • Excellent technological innovation: Dai Ruike has always led innovation in the field of pneumatic power chuck technology. They have a team composed of experienced engineers, focusing on the research and development of card technology. This means that their products have been at the forefront of technology and can meet the evolutionary market demand.


  • Wide product line: Dai Ruike provides a variety of pneumatic power chucks of models and specifications to meet the needs of different applications. Whether it is a small tube, general tube, heavy tube, etc., we all provide suitable solutions.


  • Highly universality: Dai Ruike’s pneumatic power chucks are suitable for various pipes, including round pipes, square pipes, rectangular pipes, groove steel, workers steel, corner steel, and alien pipes. This versatility makes their products very flexible and can adapt to different application scenarios.


  • Excellent quality and performance: Dai Ruike’s products are famous for their excellent quality and performance. Their pneumatic chucks have powerful clamping, high accuracy and stability, and can ensure accurate cutting and processing.


  • Professional after -sales service: Dai Ruike provides professional after -sales service, including installation guidance, training and online technical support. They ensure that customers can make full use of their products and provide fast and efficient solutions.


  • International cooperation: Dai Ruike not only performed well in the domestic market, but also established a wide range of cooperative relations in the international market. They cooperate with global customers and partners to introduce excellent pneumatic chuck technology into the international market.


  • Constantly progress and innovation: Dai Ruike is committed to continuous progress and innovation to meet the needs of customers’ continuous changes. We invest in research and development, explore new technologies, and expand product lines to better serve customers.

In short, choosing Dai Ruike’s motivation is to choose excellent performance, reliability and innovation. Help you improve production efficiency and improve product quality to meet the development of continuous development. Their excellent technology and excellent products are stars in the field of laser cutting, providing strong support for many industries.


سوالات متداول

س: ارزش و کیفیت؟

آ: فقط به دنبال قیمت ارزان نباشید و کیفیت محصول را نادیده بگیرید. مطمئن شوید که یک لیزر با کیفیت بالا چاک چرخشی را برای برش دقیق و پایدار انتخاب کنید. شما چیزی را که برای آن هزینه می کنید دریافت می کنید و سرمایه گذاری در چاک های با کیفیت می تواند منجر به نتایج بهتر و مزایای طولانی مدت شود.

س: اهمیت خدمات پس از فروش؟

آ: راحتی و قابل اعتماد بودن خدمات پس از فروش عواملی هستند که باید در انتخاب چاک مورد توجه قرار گیرند. عدم دریافت پشتیبانی پس از فروش در صورت خرابی چاک می تواند منجر به وقفه در تولید و ضرر شود. انتخاب یک سیستم خدمات پس از فروش بی نقص می تواند تداوم و کارایی تولید را بهتر تضمین کند.

س: اهمیت بازرسی در محل؟

آ: برای لیزرهای گرانتر توصیه می شود به صورت حضوری به سایت کارخانه تامین کننده مراجعه کنید. بازرسی در محل می تواند به طور شهودی مقیاس، حرفه ای بودن و ظرفیت تولید سازنده را درک کند و آزمایش در محل نیز می تواند برای تأیید عملکرد دستگاه انجام شود. در نهایت، تصمیمات خرید بر اساس بودجه و معیارهای جامع گرفته می شود.


پارامتر عملکرد

میلی متر
سوراخ اسپیندل
میلی متر
ارتفاع مرکز
میلی متر
وزن مجموع
کیلوگرم. سانتی متر2
میلی متر
دقت چرخشی
میلی متر
Φ430 130×130 0.05±235 108 12000 ≤0.05 ≤0.05


سفر یک پنجه
میلی متر
رانش تک پنجه
محدوده پردازش
میلی متر
فشار مجاز
سرعت نامی
دور در دقیقه
ضخامت لوله
میلی متر
زمان توقف
63 100 10-120 0.3-0.8 150 ≥1 12




The advent of pneumatic power chucks completely overturned the traditional rules of the pipe and profile industry. In particular, the design of the square hole pneumatic power chuck has brought new opportunities to multiple industries, while also breaking through the limitations of precision and custom processing. The continuous upgrading of this technology has significantly improved the performance of pipe cutting, greatly shortened the production cycle, and also significantly increased the processing range and load capacity of pipe fittings.

The introduction of square hole pneumatic power chucks expands the range of applicable pipe materials, and also enables laser pneumatic chuck manufacturers to be at the forefront of technological innovation, actively meet the ever-diversifying needs of customers, and provide them with high-quality products in the fiercely competitive market. quality product. This technological advancement not only provides manufacturers with more flexibility, but also creates more business opportunities for them. Fundamentally, the use of laser pneumatic chucks has become the obvious choice for a more efficient and precise pipe cutting process. The development of this technology has promoted customers to obtain highly customized pipe fittings, while also reducing production costs, helping to meet customers’ personalized needs, and also promoting the development of the entire industry. Through continuous innovation and the adoption of advanced technology, laser pneumatic power chuck manufacturers not only provide customers with more choices, but also stand out from the market competition.

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